Ashlin Global ("Ashlin") is partnered with Greystone Management Solutions a division of Greystone & Co, Inc. ( Ashlin provides licensed corporate real estate services for large private and public institutions.

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Management Support Services


Project and Program Management Support Services

  • From project planning and scheduling to project execution and tracking, including implementation and performance reporting, we offer program and project management support.
  • Assist project managers to the best use of project management approaches using state of the art technology.
  • Act as an information clearing house for various project management offices queries to assure of coordinated best practices in the project management.
  • Prepare/review project management documentation, reports and plans to assure completion and accuracy.
  • Constant monitoring and review of project performance to provide a real-time view of project performance at all times.
  • Maintain working contacts with managers and other staff to enable for the provision of required support and training to facilitate timely and quality outcomes.
  • Facilitate the managing of project implementation resource allocation, making constant adjustments to take advantage of changing business or technical opportunities.
  • Help with the creation of a stakeholder management plan.
  • Utilize acquired knowledge for best practices across programs that build positive relationships with stakeholders.
  • Acquiring an excellent understanding the deliverables requirements of customers and facilitate success through a cooperative processes.

Real Estate Project Management Support Services

With licensed real estate brokerage services from its wholly-owned, affiliate company, Ashlin Realty,, Ashlin Global personnel have years of experience working with local government on a numerous real estate development projects, including business relocation services, and, federal, state and city real estate development loans, grants and multi-year tax abatement programs.

Among the services offered by Ashlin are:

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans, including SBA 504 loans and commercial hard money loans with quick closings.
  • Licensed Acquisition and Sales Representation and Support
  • Insurance compliance, including the interpretation of insurance requirements in agreements; review of insurance certificates; monitoring accounts and correspondence with tenants and insurance brokers
  • Narrative abstracting of lease and license agreements
  • Property management
  • Real Estate Brokers’ Opinion Letters
  • Government tax abatement incentives.
  • Lease Management
  • Program Management Support Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Project Management Standardization
  • Performance Measurement
  • Investment/Budget Planning & Oversight
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Standards
  • Risk Management
  • Internal/External Oversight

Licensed Legal Support Services

Ashlin Global personnel have over two decades of university paralegal education advisory services and legal support services. Another of Ashlin Global’s wholly owned, affiliate companies, Ashlin Process Servers,, provides:

  • Court Filing, and other general Litigation Support Services.
  • Licensed Process Serving with professionally created Affidavits of Service.
  • Fax and electronic court filings.
  • Retrieval of court document copies from case files.
  • Service in County, State and Federal Courts.
  • Skip Tracing –People Location and Address Verification Services.
  • Licensed Mobile Notary Services.
  • Occupant Verification Services in Mortgage Foreclosure Cases.